Hi, I’m Thomas Unterberger, a photographer based in Vienna, Austria. My main focus is on documenting underground Hip hop concerts, still I do also shoot Electronic- and Mainstream artists.


Working hard on my skills since 2004.


I started taking photographs after realizing that one can avoid paying entrance fees at clubs and other locations simply by carrying a camera. Haha. That’s why I took the camera of my sister Andrea-Julia (thanks for lending me, btw!) and started to shoot. I came across the platform www.cycamp.at which gave me the opportunity to document parties and concerts and hence, took me a step closer to my passion and partying. Since then, I have been improving my skills and camera equipment.
In the meantime Cycamp became the biggest music magazine (print and online) in Austria and changed its name to Volume. Besides taking photos for several clients, promoters, bands and DJs, I still work for Volume as photographer from time to time.

Feel free to take a look at my other websites to see what I produce when I’m not in the mood to shoot artists on stage.




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